Sundoulos - Spring 2008

Campus News

by Dennis Gaines

Talbot Expansion Project Fundraising

A number of donors are considering sizeable gifts toward the Talbot Expansion Project. Biola President Barry Corey will devote significant time and effort over the next 12 months for donor development with a core of potential major donors. Talbot asks its alumni to pray for these potential donors, for the Board, for Dr. Corey, and for the Development staff. Please pray that God will open hearts so that this project can break ground for the benefit of our students, and for the furtherance of the Kingdom.

Talbot Faculty Awards

At the President’s Faculty Luncheon on March 10th, the following Talbot faculty received a Provost Award for Excellence for 2007-2008: Excellence in Mentoring Students—Ken Berding; Excellence in Biblical Integration—Rick Langer; Excellence in Mentoring Peers—Matt Williams.

New Distinguished Professor

Also at the President’s Faculty Luncheon on March 10th, Michael J. Wilkins was honored by being named Distinguished Professor, one of only four faculty at Biola honored with this special rank. The Distinguished Professor level is highly selective, granted only to exceptional professors who are making outstanding and creative contributions to the university in addition to having national recognition as a scholar in their respective areas. Candidature is by invitation of university administration. Michael joins Robert Saucy (Talbot), Biola’s first Distinguished Professor, J.P. Moreland (Talbot), and Bruce Narramore (Rosemead).

Major Book Award announced in January that Don Sunukjian’s Invitation to Biblical Preaching (Kregel, 2007) is the winner of their 2007 Annual Preaching Book of the Year Award in the skills category. names two preaching books of the year—one that focuses on the preacher's skills and the other on the preacher's soul.

Dennis Gaines serves in the Deans’ Offices as Administrative Associate. He has served with Biola for 24 years, 19 at Talbot. Dennis lives in La Mirada with his wife, Susan. Their son Daniel is a Centennial graduate of Biola (May, 2008).

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