Sundoulos - Spring 2008

Faculty Activities

by Dennis Gaines

Upcoming Faculty Speaking, Teaching, and Ministry

Garry DeWeese Visiting Professor, Defending the Christian Faith, Denver Seminary, July 7-25, contact Pam Betker (303-762-6898) in the Seminary’s Registrar’s Office

Joanne Jung Hermeneutics class for Ekklesia Community, Irvine, CA, March 14-June 13, contact David Ho Sang (davidhshc@aol. com); Young Nak Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA, college retreat, July 25-28, contact Caleb Kim (

Mark Saucy Granada Heights Friends Church Family Camp, Mammoth Mountain, CA, Bible class teacher, July 4-11; SEND International Family Conference in Holland, MI, Bible class teacher, July 20-24, contact Dave Wood at

Erik Thoennes Hume Lake (CA) Christian Camp, Summer Preaching Series, June (contact; Grace Evangelical Free Church, La Mirada, preaching through Romans with Dave Talley, Spring and Summer (contact

Ken Way SBL Pacific Coast Regional meeting, Pasadena, CA (at Fuller Theological Seminary), “Animals in the Prophetic World: Literary Reflections on Numbers 22 and 1 Kings 13,” March 30-31, 2008.

Michael Wilkins Conference on the Resurrection of Jesus, Jerusalem, Israel, panel participant with Grant Osborne, June 4-13; participant in the filming of a series for future telecast on Day of Discovery, Fall 2008, documenting the work of the Historical Jesus Study Group of the Institute for Biblical Research.


Ken Berding Sing and Learn New Testament Greek: The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Grammar (Zondervan, 2008, forthcoming); the essentials of Greek grammar reduced to 11 simple songs; audio CD and booklet.

John Coe The Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, 1:1 (Spring 2008), co-edited with Steve Porter. In this inaugural issue, Steve Porter writes the introduction. In addition to “The Call and Task of This Journal,” John Coe contributes an article entitled, “Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation: Opening to Spiritual Formation in the Cross and the Spirit.”

Tom Finley “The Book of Daniel and the Canon of Scripture,” Bibliotheca Sacra (April 2008).

Alan Gomes “Some Observations on the Theological Method of Faustus Socinus,” Westminster Theological Journal 70 (2008, forthcoming); “The Rapture of the Christ: The ‘Pre-Ascension’ Ascension of Jesus in the Theology of Faustus Socinus,” Harvard Theological Review (2008, forthcoming); “Faustus Socinus’s A Tract Concerning God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit: Introduction, Translation, and Contemporary Relevance,” Journal for the International Society of Christian Apologetics (2008, forthcoming).

Klaus Issler In Search of a Confident Faith: Overcoming Barriers to Trusting in God, with J.P. Moreland (InterVarsity, August 2008).

Kevin Lawson “Restoring Children: Serving Boys and Girls for Christ—Both Near and Far,” chapter in Introduction to Christian Education, ed. Ron Habermas (Zondervan, 2008).

JP Moreland “Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Psychology as Research Programs: A Comparison of Their Most Plausible Specifications,” chapter in Intelligent Design: William A. Dembski and Michael Ruse in Dialog, ed. Robert Stewart (Fortress Press, 2007); “Has the American Church Lost Her Mind?” and “Four Degrees of Postmodernism,” chapters in Contending Earnestly for the Faith, ed. Paul Copan and William Lane Craig (Broadman & Holman, 2007); The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith, co-authored with Timothy Muehlhoff (InterVarsity, 2007); “Intelligent Design and the Nature of Science,” chapter in Intelligent Design or Unintelligent Chance: Which is the More Reasonable View?, ed. Wayne House (Kregel, 2008); “A Critique of the Worldview of Scientific Naturalism,” chapter in A Summit Reader: Essays in Honor of David Noebel’s 70th Birthday, ed. Michael Bauman and Francis Beckwith (Summit Press, 2007); Consciousness and the Existence of God: A Theistic Argument (Routledge, 2008); “Mysticism, Awareness of God, and Postmodern Confusion,” Conversations 6.1 (Spring 2008).

Michael Wilkins “The Quest for Spirituality in the Light of Biblical Discipleship,” Knowing and Doing: Quarterly of the C.S. Lewis Society (Winter 2008); “Disciple-Making for Changing Times and Changing Churches,” Enrichment 13.1

Dennis Gaines serves in the Deans’ Offices as Administrative Associate. He has served with Biola for 24 years, 19 at Talbot. Dennis lives in La Mirada with his wife, Susan. Their son Daniel is a Centennial graduate of Biola (May, 2008).

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