Sundoulos - Spring 2010

Alumni Focus

The Impact of a Talbot Education

by Rick Bee

I was recently reminded of how blessed we are, and sometimes without even knowing about it, to be used by the Lord in the life of another. I received a note a few days ago from Melanee Gallina, a fellow employee, asking about my car’s license plate. I affirmed that yes, my plate reads “BeeStll,” a reference to our Lord’s commandment to the waves in Luke 8, and a reminder to me to Be Still and Know that He is God! (It was originally my wife’s plate; I can’t take credit!) I was blessed by Melanee’s note:

I've always had a strange fascination with license plates. Figuring out the message is always a challenge! So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that God would use a license plate to speak to me. I don’t remember the exact date, but I woke up that morning feeling groggy and down. I had been up several times in the night with our 15 year old daughter, who was sick again. She had been ill every couple of months for over a year. To make matters worse, our college investments had recently lost about half of their value, and with two daughters in college, we didn't have time to wait for the markets to recover. Making it even harder to cope was the constant burning pain I had due to a tendon injury.

In a mental fog, I sat down to eat my cereal and drink my morning coffee before heading to work. Multitasking, I opened my Bible to read the passage that came next, not really expecting God to speak to me and only half-heartedly focused because of the concerns that were competing for my attention. It was the story of Jesus in the boat with the disciples. A big storm hit and the disciples woke Jesus up because they thought they were going to drown. Jesus said, “Be still” and the storm ceased. I remember thinking, “I feel like I’m drowning too and I'm not sure what to do. Help!” It wasn’t the stereotypical morning devotional prayer, but it was honest.

Running late. I drove on auto pilot as my fractured thoughts raced back and forth, searching for answers to my pressing concerns. The weather outside didn’t lift my spirits. It was a foggy morning—unusual for Southern California. While stopped at a traffic light, my eyes were drawn to the license plate of the car in front of me. It said, “BEE STILL.”

It was one of those times God spoke through random, seemingly unrelated things. His still small voice pierced through the fog in a way I can hardly describe. “BEE STILL.” The words echoed in my mind. At first, I didn’t realize why it sounded so familiar. Slowly, it dawned on me that I had just read that phrase. I logged on to my computer and googled “Be Still” and began to re-read Luke 8:22-25, this time expecting God to speak…. Jesus said, “Be still” and the storm ceased. The disciples asked each other, “Who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?” Jesus challenged them about their lack of faith. They knew Who He was, and still had a difficult time trusting Him when the big storms hit. It was a comforting thought. I breathed another honest prayer, “Okay, God. I’m sorry for my lack of faith. Will You forgive me? Will You please show me Your solution to these challenges I'm facing?” He spoke to my inner soul, “Relax! Be still! I've got it. I know these things aren’t in your control, but they are in Mine. I’m going to use them for my glory in MY way and MY time. I’m not going to do it the way you would. Eventually, you’ll see, but for now, just trust Me.”

Melanee went on in her note to share that this was a turning point for her and her family as she was reminded of the power of Christ. Then she added,

I know it’s a big campus, but oddly enough, I’ve never seen the car before or since that Fall day. And somehow that reinforces the truth that God is in control, even of the little things. After all, He is the One that even the wind and the sea (and the cars) obey!

Amen! What a great reminder. Our prayer for you today as Talbot alumni, is for God to use you and your ministry in miraculous ways. May you be encouraged through Melanee’s story that our King can use us in ways that we may never know, ways that make Him smile! Thank you for your support of Talbot and your ministry in the lives of others!

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639