Sundoulos - Spring 2011

Alumni Focus

by Rick Bee

Over the Winter break in January, my wife Julie and I led a team of twelve from Yorba Linda Friends Church, half of whom were Biola and Talbot Alumni, to India to serve on a medical team with Operation Mobilization. The team was sent to provide medical, dental and optical care for the Dalit people, also known as the “untouchables of India.” And again our hearts were touched by the plight and needs of these beautiful people.

Now I know that this type of service isn’t unique for Talbot alumni, and many of our graduates lead teams like this at any given time throughout the world. In fact while we were in Hyderabad in Southern India at least one other mission team of students was serving in Northern India with OM, Talbot prof Alan Hultberg was in another part of India with a team from his church, and countless student, faculty, and alumni groups were serving simultaneously literally around the world.

As we were returning home in the plane to an amazing sunset view over the North Pole, which they tell me is the shortest route to India, I was reminded again of something that Clyde Cook used to say, “The Sun never sets where Biola and Talbot alumni aren’t in service somewhere around the world!” How cool is that!

I was also reminded of the importance of a Talbot education and how it has prepared so many alumni to serve Christ and the Church, by presenting the truth of the gospel in so many places and in so many ways. Especially at Talbot we seek to exemplify the high calling of ministry set forth by the founders of both Biola and Talbot as they served through ministry and missions both here and abroad.

I recently came across an archived photo taken in 1917 in front of the downtown BIOLA and Church of the Open Door. Stacked in more than a half dozen five foot tall crates, ready for shipping, were almost 25,000 gospel tracks printed by the Biola Press for distribution in, you guessed it, India! It was encouraging to me, as we prepared to travel in January, that now nearly 100 years later we can continue in the footsteps of those that had come before with a passion for outreach and service.

I hope and pray for you and your ministry that you continue with that special sense of calling that comes with your Talbot degree. And, that you don’t grow weary in well-doing for the Kingdom but will be found faithful as you follow those that have come before, and will come after us from this place. Thanks for being a Talbot alum, and may God bless and encourage you as you seek to serve in a way that will make Him smile!

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639