Sundoulos - Spring 2013

From the Editor

In the 11th century, Anselm of Canterbury famously said that faith should seek understanding. Five centuries later, John Calvin affirmed that faith also ought to be based on understanding. "Faith consists not in ignorance, but in knowledge - knowledge not of God merely, but of the divine will." He insisted that "to honor ignorance...with the name of faith is most absurd."

This issue of Sundoulos focuses on Talbot's theology department, whose approach to faith is much like that of Anselm and Calvin. Talbot's theology faculty are interested in helping students shape the sort of faith that is interconnected with understanding God and his will.

In the first article, Alan Gomes eloquently describes the role that creeds and doctrinal statements play in the life of the church. He shows why creeds exist, why they are valuable, and what creeds can and cannot do. Creeds are fundamentally concerned with faith and understanding, but Gomes takes it a step further than understanding: contemplation of the creeds should lead us to be "moved... deeply stirred... and thankful."

The second article is an interview with the six members of the theology department. If you are a graduate of Talbot, there is a good chance that you took a few classes (as I did) from Bob Saucy, Henry Holloman, and Alan Gomes. If you graduated (as I did) in the twentieth century, you may not be familiar with our newer faculty: Mark Saucy, Rob Price and Ashish Naidu. All of these theologians are committed to the kind of faith and understanding that Anselm and Calvin described. But they are also committed to transformed hearts. As Mark Saucy reminds us, "I'm interested in theology that is aimed at the heart... We teach new covenant truth in a new covenant way to new covenant hearts."

Your Fellow-servant,
Gary Manning

About Sundoulos

Sundoulos is published by the Talbot Alumni Association for the purpose of ministering to and communicating with alumni and friends of Talbot. All rights reserved. No material can be reproduced without the permission of the Sundoulos editorial staff.

The Talbot journal, Sundoulos (soon'-doo-los), is designed to serve those who have graduated from Talbot and are in full-time ministry. Sundoulos grew out of an influx of requests for some kind of continued support for alumni as they finished their coursework at Talbot. In 1993, it joined with the Alumni newsletter and received a new format. Dr. Bob Saucy was instrumental in the creation of the journal and describes it as “a way we could bring the fruit of the faculty to alumni.”

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