Sundoulos - Summer 2006

Campus News

Conferences & Events at Biola

Biola University and Talbot School of Theology have hosted a number of significant conferences and lectures on campus in recent months. These include: Far West Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, coordinated by Dr. Tom Finley (Old Testament); 27th Biola Hispanic Conference, keynote speaker Henry Tolopilo (Talbot alumnus), pastor of the Spanish ministry and elder at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, and radio voice in Spanish of Grace to You; Biola Media Conference (attended by 1000+), a conference designed to enhance the impact of Christians in the media; Apologetics Events, “Is the New Testament as it Exists Today the Inspired Word of God?” a debate on the transmission, authenticity, and inspiration of the New Testament between a Muslim scholar and a Christian scholar, sponsored by Biola’s Associated Student Government; “Intelligent Design Under Fire: Experts Cross-Examine the Top Proponents of Intelligent Design Theory,” lecture. Upcoming: Defending the Faith Summer Lecture Series, with John Mark Reynolds, JP Moreland (Philosophy), John Bloom, Greg Koukl, Joe Hellerman (New Testament), and Craig Hawkins (for information click here).

Faculty Awards

Talbot faculty members received three faculty awards of excellence this year: Ed Curtis (Biblical Studies) for Excellence in the Integration of Faith and Learning; Michael Anthony (Christian Education / Ph.D. / Ed.D.) for Excellence in Career Achievement in Leadership; Jon Lunde (Biblical Studies) for Excellence in Teaching.

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