Sundoulos - Summer 2006

Faculty Activities

George Alexander

(Missions and Intercultural Studies)

Awards Global Register ’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals; Five-Year Service Award for Dedicated Service and Leadership in the Historical Heritage Committee, City Council of La Mirada, CA.

Michael J. Anthony

(Christian Education / Ph.D. Educational Studies)

Conferences Faculty development seminars at the Talbot Faculty Retreat, September, 2005, “Seasons of the Professoriate,” and “Developing Outcomes Assessments to Enhance Student Learning”; National Association of Professors of Christian Education conference, October, 2005, “Developing an Evangelical Theology of Management,” co-presenter with James Estep, Jr., and “Front Door, Side Door: Preliminary Findings on What Attracts People to Join a Church,” co-presenter with Gary McIntosh; Police Couples Conference, Hume Lake Christian Camps, March/April, 2006, speaker. Award “Heroes With Heart” award, presented by the Orange County chapter of Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc., October, 2005, for dedicated service as a police chaplain. Service Traveled to the gulf coast region soon after Hurricane Katrina to provide Critical Incident Stress counseling for officers in New Orleans, LA, and Bay St. Louis, MS.

John Coe

(Spiritual Formation)

Papers & Presentations ETS 2005, Philadelphia, PA, “The Seven Deadly Disconnects of Seminary Training”; Spiritual Formation Lecture Series, First EV Free Fullerton, March, 2006; Chapel presentation, Westmont College, March, “Drawing Near to God When God Seems Far Away”; Spiritual Formation Forum Conference, Long Beach, CA, May, 2006, “Spiritual Theology: Bridging the Sanctification Gap for the Sake of the Church.”

Garry DeWeese


Book Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult, with J.P. Moreland, (IVP, 2005). Publications “Hume and the Kalam Cosmological Argument,” with Joshua Rasmussen, in In Defense of Natural Theology: A Post-Humean Asessment, ed. James F. Sennett and Douglas Groothuis, (IVP, 2005). Review essay The Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives, ed. Leonard Sweet, in Christian Education Journal, Summer 2005. “Immortality,” Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd ed. (Macmillan, 2006). Papers & Presentations “Can Christian Physicalists Hope in the Resurrection?” Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting, November, 2005; “The Kalam Argument’s Principle of Determination,” Evangelical Philosophical Society Annual Meeting, November 2005. Speaking Defending the Faith lecture series, “Solving the Problems of Evil,” October 2005; Talbot Wives Fellowship, “Sin: Not the Way It’s Supposed To Be,” November 2005; Apologetics Conference, Valley Forge, PA, “Christian Truth in a Postmodern World,” November 2005; Dayspring Center for Christian Studies “Universanity” Conference, Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins, CO, February, 2005.

Henry W. Holloman


Book Kregel Dictionary of the Bible and Theology (Kregel Publications, 2005).

David Horner

(Biblical Studies and Philosophy)

Publications “Christian Ethics Bibliography,” Academic Integration Page, Leadership University online, available online; Review of Intellectual Virtue: Perspectives from Ethics and Epistemology, ed. Michael DePaul and Linda Zagzebski (Oxford University Press, 2004), in International Philosophical Quarterly 45 (2005). Papers, Presentations, & Colloquia 41st Annual Congress on Medieval Studies, Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, May, 2006, “Seminalia Virtutum: Aquinas on Natural Law and Virtue,” presenter; Worship in Music Program, Biola University, October, 2005, guest speaker; Apologetics Series, Rancho Community Church, Temecula, CA, March, 2006, “Can God be Known?” lecturer; Reason for the Hope Within Conference, Philadelphia, PA, November, 2005, “Can Worship Help Our Outreach?” lecturer; Evening on Mars Hill lecture, Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, CA, January, 2006, lecturer; Bethany Community Church, Sierra Madre, CA, October, 2005, “Five Misconceptions About Christianity” lecturer. Media Citation Cited in “Multimedia Is New Way to Relay Old Lessons,” Los Angeles Times, 1/14/05, p. B2.

John Hutchison

(Bible Exposition)

 Speaking Talbot Wives’ Fellowship, March, “Sanctification through the Trials of Life.” Media Appearances Radio interviews in December2005, January, and March, after the release of Thinking Right When Things Go Wrong.

Mickey Klink

(Biblical Studies)

Monograph The Sheep of the Fold: A Critical Assessment of the Audience and Origin of the Gospel of John, Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming). Speaking Biola University Chapel, March, “Confessions of an Alien: An Introduction to Christian Humanity”; Covenant Presbyterian Church, Orange, CA March/ April, “A Living Hope: A Dialogue with 1 Peter.” Paper “The Contextual Significance of the ‘Expulsion from the Synagogue’ Passages in the Fourth Gospel,” Far West Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, April, La Mirada, CA. Journal Article “What Concern Is That to You and to Me? John 2:1-11 and the Elisha Narratives,” Neotestamentica 39.2 (2005). Review “The Unity of the Farewell Discourse: The Literary Integrity of John 13.31-16.33,” by L. Scott Kellum, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (2005).

Kevin Lawson

(Christian Education / Ph.D. Educational Studies)

International Conference 6th International Conference of the Korean Society for Christian Education and Information Technology, Seoul, Korea, February, 2006, “A Proposal for Right-handed Christian Education,” keynote speaker. International Ministry Completed two week trip to South Korea where he spoke at an international conference on Christian education, led faculty development sessions at a seminary faculty retreat, spoke at a seminary student retreat, and spoke in church services and seminary and Christian college chapels in Seoul and Busan. Journal Articles Religious Education, “The Research We Need in Religious Education: Four Facets,” (Vol. 101, No. 2, May 2006); Religious Education, “A Band of Sisters: The Impact of Long-term Small Group Participation: Forty Years in a Women’s Prayer and Bible Study Group” (Vol. 101, No. 2, May 2006). Book Chapter “In Right Relationship with God: Childhood Conversion in Evangelical Christian Traditions,” in Nurturing Child and Adolescent Spirituality: Perspectives from the World’s Religious Traditions, edited by Karen Marie Yust, Aostre N. Johnson, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, and Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, Roman & Littlefield, 2006.

Gary McIntosh

(Christian Ministry and Leadership / Doctor of Ministry)

Book Thriving Churches in the Twenty-first Century, with R. Daniel Reeves (Kregel Publishers, 2006). Speaking Church Planter’s Conference, Columbia, MD, October, 2005, “One Size Doesn’t Fit All,” seminar; Ministry Refresher Institute, Oklahoma City, OK, February, 2006, “One Size Doesn’t Fit All,” keynote speaker; NAPCE Annual Meeting, Rochester, MN, October, 2005, “Where the Church is Going and Growing,” and “Reaching Postmoderns,” keynote speaker; American Society for Church Growth, Pasadena, CA, November, 2005, “A Brief History of Donald A. McGavran,” keynote speaker. Teaching Doctor of Ministry class, San Diego, CA, January, “Biblical Church Growth & Health”; M.A. class, Simpson University, Redding, CA, March, 2006, “Biblical Church Growth & Health.” Consultation Church Consultation with Mariner’s Church, Half Moon Bay, CA, December, 2005.

Judy TenElshof

(Christian Ministry and Leadership / Intentional Character Development)

International Ministry With her husband, Gene, and Dr. Marla Campbell (SICS), went to Spain in January to help the Ministry Center outside Barcelona set up a Retreat Center for people in ministry across Western Europe to find solitude and refreshment; assisted with facility readiness and program orientation for retreats beginning this Spring. Conference & Paper In March, attended Oxford Roundtable on Gender Inequalities; presented paper entitled “The Contribution of the Value Scale to Gender Inequalities,” at Harris Manchester College/Oxford University, England.

Erik Thoenne

(Biblical Studies)

Sabbatical Activities Visiting scholar (Spring 2006) at Tyndale House, University of Cambridge, writing on “a theology of sport” and creating a study guide for Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, to be published by Zondervan.

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