Sundoulos - Summer 2008

From the Editor

The 2007-2008 school year brought a series of special events at Biola celebrated 100 years of faithfulness since Lyman Stewart and T.C. Horton founded the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. We also came to know and love our new president, Barry Corey.

Then on April 12, 2008, the Biola Community was shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Clyde Cook, who had retired and assumed the office of President Emeritus only 10 months earlier.

It seemed fitting that we devote this issue of Sundoulos to honoring the memory and legacy of Dr. Cook, in gratitude for what the Lord used him to accomplish at Biola, and to introducing Dr. Corey to our alumni, in anticipation of what the Lord will continue to do here in the coming years.

Institutions are not buildings (though buildings are not unimportant as tools). Rather, it's the God-ordained people—especially those called to leadership—who really are the institution. Pray for continuing comfort for Anna Belle Cook and the rest of the Cook family, and for Barry Corey and his family in the months ahead.

We're fellow-servants,
Garry DeWeese

About Sundoulos

Sundoulos is published by the Talbot Alumni Association for the purpose of ministering to and communicating with alumni and friends of Talbot. All rights reserved. No material can be reproduced without the permission of the Sundoulos editorial staff.

The Talbot journal, Sundoulos (soon'-doo-los), is designed to serve those who have graduated from Talbot and are in full-time ministry. Sundoulos grew out of an influx of requests for some kind of continued support for alumni as they finished their coursework at Talbot. In 1993, it joined with the Alumni newsletter and received a new format. Dr. Bob Saucy was instrumental in the creation of the journal and describes it as “a way we could bring the fruit of the faculty to alumni.”

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