Sundoulos - Summer 2008

Alumni Focus

Reflections on being "Alumni for Life!"

by Rick Bee

Having just completed a most memorable year at Biola and Talbot, a year of celebration, loss, and great thanksgiving for God’s blessings and faithfulness, we are all taking a deep breath, seeking to recover from the weariness of a very busy season, and wondering what God has in store for this amazing place in the months and years to come! Would those men and women who founded Talbot more than 50 years ago believe the growth and excellence of the organization and of our alumni? I think the answer is a resounding… yes. Talbot and the work of our alumni are exactly what they had hoped!

I am reminded with each Talbot Baccalaureate service and Graduation just how truly blessed we are as a school and seminary. The testimony of each student as they leave this place and move to locations of God’s calling, make the work and ministry of the entire year—every graded paper, lecture, test, and office hour counseling—worth it! We are so encouraged to hear the reflections of our students as they talk about the faculty who have influenced their walk and challenged their understanding of scripture, and how they are leaving prepared to meet the demands of ministry. Talbot graduates, Godly men and women, are passionate about their faith, and ready to defend and share that faith with a lost and dying world.

As Talbot alumni, you can know that the heritage of ministry, which you entered when you began your Talbot career, continues to the next generation. Our incoming students are some of the most concerned and focused of all time. Faculty teaching remains centered on the inerrant Word of God, and the future of this place is bright with a hope that only the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ can promise.

One of my favorite challenges from Clyde Cook was his recounting from scripture that “we are called to not grow weary in well doing.” Clyde lived his life with that challenge in mind, serving the Lord by teaching and preaching until his last days! If you are feeling “weary in well doing,” I hope you will be encouraged to know that you are not alone in your work and ministry, and consider how we, here in the alumni office, might serve you. Our goal is for you to remain Alumni for Life, and my personal prayer for you is that you remain bright beacons of Christ’s message of salvation, where ever God places you.

Thank you for your commitment to ministry, to Talbot, and most importantly to our Lord. May He provide encouragement for you today!

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639