Sundoulos - Summer 2012

From the Editor

Augustine once said (paraphrasing Cicero) that the aim of the Christian speaker is “to teach, to delight, and to move” (On Christian Doctrine 4.12). Theological education, if it is to be at all successful, must likewise teach men and women the truth, instill in them a passion for the truth, and move them to act out the truth in their lives and ministries. When seminaries achieve this, they are powerful agents of preservation and transformation in the church. As Dennis Dirks reminds us in his article in this issue of Sundoulos, one of the key measures of the effectiveness of a seminary is its impact on the church.

In the same essay, Augustine pointed out that, in theological education, “... though holy men be our helpers... no one learns correctly the things that pertain to life with God, until God makes him ready to learn from himself” (On Chris- tian Doctrine 4.16). Good seminaries know that at their best they cooperate with the work that God is doing in shaping disciples. Our classes in theology, biblical studies, Christian ministry and spiritual formation are essential, but God is the one who brings our students to know him more deeply.

For the past twenty years, Talbot’s dean, Dennis Dirks, has led Talbot School of Theology in the task that Augustine described. In this issue, we celebrate a sig- nificant milestone in the life of Talbot, as Dennis steps down after twenty years serving as Dean. Sundoulos asked two of our deans, Dennis Dirks and Michael Wilkins, to reflect on this event. Michael Wilkins, Talbot’s Dean of Faculty, describes the legacy that Dennis Dirks has crafted over the last twenty years. Dennis gives us a “retro-prospective” on Talbot: where have we been and where are we going?

Your fellow–servant,
Gary Manning

About Sundoulos

Sundoulos is published by the Talbot Alumni Association for the purpose of ministering to and communicating with alumni and friends of Talbot. All rights reserved. No material can be reproduced without the permission of the Sundoulos editorial staff.

The Talbot journal, Sundoulos (soon'-doo-los), is designed to serve those who have graduated from Talbot and are in full-time ministry. Sundoulos grew out of an influx of requests for some kind of continued support for alumni as they finished their coursework at Talbot. In 1993, it joined with the Alumni newsletter and received a new format. Dr. Bob Saucy was instrumental in the creation of the journal and describes it as “a way we could bring the fruit of the faculty to alumni.”

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