Sundoulos - Summer 2012

Alumni Focus

by Rick Bee

In May we celebrated another amazing graduating class, first with the Talbot Baccalaureate and then with the graduation ceremony here on the Biola campus. It was a joy for me to share briefly at the Baccalaure- ate about the services we can provide as an alumni association, and to encourage these new graduates to stay involved with Talbot through this award-winning magazine and the news and notes that are included about you, our wonderful grads! I encourage you again to do the same!

When I asked these graduates about how many were going to be moving out of the area and looking for work, or a new church home, or making friends in a new town, about a third of them raised their hands! And when I talked personally to many of these new graduates, they were concerned about a lot of the things that you were con- cerned about when you first started out.

Things like finding the best schools for their kids, the cheapest gas and groceries, and where would they find new friends in a town that was completely new to them. I encouraged them to use the alumni association. And it is our hope that you as established alumni will welcome this new class of Talbot graduates with open arms into your churches, homes and ministries in the coming months. If you are willing to help and would like to know who’s coming to town, let me know and we will connect you!

At the Baccalaureate I was also privileged to recognize a faculty member that has made a significant difference in my own teaching. It was 1978 and I was in my undergraduate studies in Christian Education, when I took a class in Communication Theory from a young faculty member. He was an alumnus of Talbot who hadn’t been teaching very long. Willing to teach a different way, he challenged our thinking and our understanding.

That class changed how I thought about teaching, as we learned to use learning tech- niques, in addition to lecture, that included small groups, class projects, discussion, and research presentations. That class on com- munication theory taught me that there was more to teaching.... than just teaching, and that young professor became a friend and advisor in the years to come. That friend is Dr. Dennis Dirks, who later became the Dean of Talbot and continued instructing through his leadership of one of the best faculties of any seminary program in the country.

As Dennis retires this year from his role as Dean, I want to thank him for his friend- ship through the years and for his passion and steadfastness in holding Talbot and Biola strong in the training of Scripture and Biblical inerrancy. And congratulations again to a wonderful new class of Talbot graduates. As you join the thousands of Talbot Alumni already in ministry, I am excited to see the impact you will have for Kingdom cause and the lives you will touch and change for the King!

Rick Bee
Biola ’79, Talbot ’90, ‘01
Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639