Sundoulos - Winter 2004

Dean's Column

Winter 2005

by Dr. Dennis Dirks

In this issue of Sundoulos, and in issues to follow, you will catch a rare insight to the significant role that Talbot faculty play with their research and publications. Our faculty provide significant national and international leadership in the pursuit and dissemination of God’s truth. In this issue you will see the significant leadership role that the New Testament faculty play in the evangelical and wider world of scholarship. In later issues you will hear from other Talbot faculty and their accomplishments. These are exciting days at Talbot, and I think that you will be excited with us as you hear of the research and publishing endeavors of our faculty.

But we want you also to understand that our faculty are not one-dimensional. As significant as are our publishing endeavors, we have a much larger vision of what delineates a Talbot faculty member. Scholarship is not solely research. We intentionally pursue and encourage the development of well-rounded, wholistic professors—professors who purposely develop in all areas of life so that we can help develop well-rounded students who will serve and nurture the whole lives of their people.

We have a vision for holistic professors that encompasses a specific three-fold set of criteria—the scholarship of research, teaching, and service. These criteria guide the hiring, promotion, and granting of tenure to faculty. So as we share with you the exciting and significant research and publications of our faculty, keep in mind that these accomplishments fit within the balance of increasing—as did our Lord Jesus in his earthly ministry— “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). We desire to serve you, the Talbot constituency, as you serve your own people, helping them also to develop mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Thank you for the privilege of serving you.

Dr. Dennis Dirks is Dean of Talbot School of Theology and Professor Christian Education. He has been with Talbot for more than 27 years as a faculty member and administrator after serving on the staff of two churches.

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