Sundoulos - Winter 2007

Faculty Activities

Garry DeWeese

Talbot Chapel, Talbot Faculty Series, February 12 and 19, 9:30 am.

Rex Johnson

(with his wife, Eve) Couples’ Workshop, Riverlakes Community Church, Bakersfield, CA, February 24-26, call 661-589-9733 for information.

Joanne Jung

Biola Chapel, February 18, 9:30am; call 562-903-6000, x5156 for information.

Gary McIntosh

Vision New England Conference, Danvers, MA, March 6-7, on the topic: Four Generations, contact David Midwood, 978- 929-9800; Kentucky Baptist Convention, Louisville, KY, May 22, seminar: “Beyond the First Visit,” contact Stephen Rice, 502-489-3332; General Baptist Ministers’ Conference, Branson, MO, May 27-29, keynote address, contact Kris Freeman, 270-755-2164; South Arkansas District Convention, Church of the Nazarene, Little Rock, AR, July 8-9, keynote address, contact Ken Carney, 501-525- 1343; Ephesians Four Network, Howard City, MI, July 11: “Beyond the First Visit,” contact Brad Reynolds, 740-516-0328.

Jim Mohler

ATS/Lilly Conference on Theological Research, “Attrition, Transfer and Inactivity of Asian American Pastors,” Pittsburgh, PA, February 24, 2007.

Erik Thoennes

Campus Crusade for Christ Eastern European and Russian Staff Conference, Lake Balaton, Hungary, January 17-20, plenary speaker, contact Trent.Hyatt@; The Joshua Wilderness Institute, Hume Lake Christian Camp, January 1-4, teacher for a week-long series, contact; Spring Spiritual Renewal Week Series, Taylor University, Upland, IN, February 13-15, contact

National Conference of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)

A large contingent of Talbot faculty attended the National ETS Conference in San Diego, CA, November 14-16, 2007. The following presented papers at the conference.

John Coe, “The Spiritual-Epistemological Disciplines for Studying/Doing Theology in Obedience.” Tom Finley, “The Hebrew of the Book of Daniel: Some Insights from Modern Linguistics” John Hutchison, “The Great Omission: Servanthood, a Missing Jewel in Christian Leadership.” Klaus Issler, “Christian Formation Toward What End? A Model of Three Foundational Themes of the Spirit for Kingdom Flourishing.” Joanne Jung, “Puritan Conference for the Contemporary Church.” Jonathan Kim, “Cognition and Faith Formation: A Reflection on the Interrelationship of Schema, Thema, and Faith.” Rick Langer, “John Cotton and Roger Williams: Letters from the Past and Lessons for the Present.” Kevin Lawson, “A Proposal for ‘Right- Handed’ Teaching for Spiritual Formation.” Darian Lockett, “The ‘Two Ways’: James’ Strategy of Instruction in Obedience.” J.P Moreland, “Teaching Them to Obey: How Evangelicals Became Overcommitted to the Bible and What We Should Do About It.” Ashish Naidu, “John Chrysostom’s Homilies on Hebrews: An Antiochene Christological Commentary?” Ron Pierce, “1 Corinthians 7: Paul’s Neglected Treatise on Mutuality.” Steve Porter, “The Cure for Anxiety: Jesus, Freud, and Prozac.” Walt Russell, “An International Harvest: The Present Form of the Kingdom of God.” Michael Wilkins, “The Obedience of Discipleship to Jesus.”

National Conference of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS)

(The EPS is a sister organization of the ETS and meets concurrently each year)

Garry DeWeese, “Philosophers and Sages: Hokhmah vs. Sophia?” R. Douglas Geivett, “Escaping into Reality: How ‘The Truman Show’ Reveals Epistemological Conditions for Human Flourishing.” J.P. Moreland, “Substance Dualism and Individuals in the Mereological Heirarchy: A Response to Phillip Clayton.” Steve Porter, “What Would a Foundationalist Theological Methodology Look Like?” Scott Rae, “Bioethics: Legal and Moral Issues.”

Society of Biblical Literatgure (SBL) National Meeting, November 16-18, 2007, San Diego, CA

Darian Lockett, “Purity and Polemic in Jude.”

North American Professors of Christian Education (NAPCE)

National Conference, October 20, 2007, San Jose, CA

Jonathan Kim, “The Heart of the Matter: Knowledge (Theoria, Poiesis, & Praxis) and Spiritual Formation.” Jim Mohler, “Train up a Child: An Exploration of the Concept of Train from Proverbs 22:6.”

National Conference of the Association of Youth Ministry Educators (AYME)

Jim Mohler Professional development workshop entitled “Making a Professional Growth Plan: Issues for Tenure and Promotion,” San Jose, CA, October, 2007.


Ken Berding “John or Paul? Who was Polycarp’s Mentor?” in Tyndale Bulletin (Spring 2008);

What The New Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Their Writings (Kregel, 2008), co-editor with Matt Williams; author of introductory chapter on Paul, and chapter on Philippians.

Garry DeWeese “One Person, Two Natures: Two Metaphysical Models of the Incarnation,” chapter in Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective, ed. Fred Sanders and Klaus Issler (Broadman & Holman, 2007).

Tom Finley “Some Canonical Issues Concerning the Book of Daniel” in Bibliotheca Sacra (January-March 2008).

Joe Hellerman Jesus and the People of God: Reconfiguring Ethnic Identity (Sheffield Academic Press, 2007).

Klaus Issler “Jesus’ Example: Prototype of the Dependent, Spirit- Filled Life,” in Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective (Broadman & Holman, 2007), co-editor with Fred Sanders (Asst. Professor of Theology, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University).

Jonathan Kim “Cognition and Faith Formation: A Reflection on the Interrelationship of Schema, Thema, and Faith” in Christian Education Journal (Fall 2007).

Darian Lockett “‘Unstained by the World’: Purity and Pollution as an Indicator of Cultural Interaction in the Epistle of James,” chapter in Reading James with New Eyes, eds. Robert L. Webb and John S. Kloppenborg (T & T Clark, 2007); “God and ‘the World’: Cosmology and Theology in the Letter of James,” chapter in Cosmology and New Testament Theology, eds. Jonathan T. Pennington and Sean M. McDonough (T & T Clark, 2007).

Jim Mohler “Don’t Forget the Junior Highers!,” and, “The Youth Leader and the Pre-School Ministry,” contributing author in Nelson’s Annual Youth Ministry Sourcebook, 2008 edition, ed. Amy Jacober (Thomas Nelson, 2008); “Uj Hallum: Az ifjúsági misszió kultúrális megközelítéle,” Theologian Online Hálózat (online; September, 2007).

Mark Saucy “Baptism as a Test Case for the Nature and Limits of National Theology” in Theological Reflections: Euro-Asian Theological Journal 8 (English and Russian; December, 2007).

Erik Thoennes “Created to Play: Thoughts on Play, Sport, and The Christian Life” chapter in Beyond Folk Theology: Systematic Reflections on Evangelicals and Sport (Edwin Mellen Press, April, 2007); “How can I know I’m saved if I can’t remember when I first responded to the gospel?” Good Question column in Christianity Today (November, 2007); “Laughing Through Tears: The Redemptive Role of Humor in a Fallen World,” article in Presbyterion: Covenant Seminary Review (November 2007).

Matt Williams What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Their Writings, co-edited with Ken Berding (Kregel, 2008).

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