Talbot FAQ's


  1. When is the application deadline?

    Program Fall   Spring Summer
    Ph.D./Ed.D. - Residential Apr 15  
    Ph.D./Ed.D. - Modified Residential Nov 15  
    Institute for Spiritual Formation Apr 15   Nov. 15
    All other Talbot programs July 1   Dec 1 May 1
  2. What are the academic requirements for entering Talbot?

    Possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. GPA requirements vary from program to program, from a 2.6 to 3.25 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. What steps do I need to take to apply?

    1. Submit completed application and accompanying forms.

      Ph.D./Ed.D. in Educational Studies and D.Min. applicants must submit a separate application and set of reference forms contained in the respective application pack.

    2. Send in $65 application fee—make check payable to Biola University
    3. Submit essays for the following programs:

      All M.A. applicants must submit a vocational objective that outlines how their degree might relate to those objectives. The following programs, however, require separate essay(s) in place of the vocational objective:

      • M.Div—Spiritual Formation Emphasis
      • M.A. Spiritual Formation
      • M.A. Spiritual Formation & Soul Care
      • Certificate in Spiritual Formation
    4. Submit three letters of recommendation on forms supplied by the school.

      One employer reference, a pastor's reference, and a character/academic reference. We cannot accept letters of recommendation from family members.


      • The D.Min. program and Ph.D./Ed.D in Educational Studies programs require submission of separate reference forms contained in the application packet.
      • All Spiritual Formation programs require an additional full-page letter of reference where the person freely discusses why the applicant would be appropriate for the Institute for Spiritual Formation program. This letter should be completed by one of the above references and attached to the reference form.
    5. Forward official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

      If you are currently enrolled at the time your application is filed, be sure to request transcripts of work you have finished to date AND final transcripts upon completion of your course of study. Transcripts must be official and mailed directly from your college or university in a sealed envelope to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

  4. Do I need to take the GRE?

    Only applicants to the Ph.D./Ed.D. programs in Educational Studies must submit scores on the GRE (expected verbal score of 500 and analytic score of 4.5).
  5. Can I transfer units?

    Yes. The courses taken from ATS accredited seminaries can be transferred. The course contents and the units must be compatible. No more than 50% of units can be transferred from a previous degree. Contact a representative from your particular program for more information about transfer credit requirements specific to that program.
  6. What if I missed the application deadline?

    Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Such applicants are recommended to contact the admissions office before submitting a late application.
  7. Can I still be admitted if my undergraduate GPA is below the admission requirement?

    If the applicant is a strong candidate for a program besides meeting the GPA requirement, the applicant may be considered for conditional acceptance and be placed on academic probation.

Degree Programs

  1. What programs does Talbot offer?

    See our comprehensive degree listings.
  2. Can I attend Talbot part-time?

    Yes. Talbot offers a flexible class schedule, including evening and Saturday classes. Talbot also offers a block format of classes that meet one day per week to make scheduling easier for commuters and individuals involved in full-time work and ministry.
  3. Do you offer distance learning/online courses?

    A limited number of online and hybrid courses are offered each semester.  For further information, please visit Biola's online learning webpage at http://www.biola.edu/online.
  4. Is it possible to complete a degree by attending evening classes only?

    The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Pastoral General Emphasis and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies/Diversified can be completed by attending late afternoon and evening classes only.


  1. Where is Talbot located?

    Talbot is located in La Mirada, California, ideally situated on the border of Los Angeles and Orange counties, providing many opportunities for ministry to put the skills you are developing at Talbot into action. You will be only minutes away from Southern California beaches, mountains, bike paths, art galleries and amusement parks. There is plenty to see and do when you need a study break. But if you need peace and quiet, you will find plenty on our beautiful and serene 95-acre campus.
  2. Do you have housing available for seminary students?

    Limited off-campus housing options are available through the Graduate Housing office at Biola (562-944-0351, ext. 5814). Apply early for a better chance at getting in.
  3. What financial aid options are available for Talbot students?

    For update financial aid information, please visit the Financial Aid website at http://offices.biola.edu/finaid/grad/talbot/

  4. Is Talbot affiliated with a denomination?

    No. Talbot is an interdenominational, Protestant, evangelical, theologically conservative institution.
  5. Does Talbot have a doctrinal position and expected standards of conduct for students?

    Yes. Talbot is a community that affirms a particular doctrinal statement, and agrees to abide by community standards. Please see our doctrinal statement.
  6. Is Talbot the right place for me?

    Talbot is committed to the development of disciples of Jesus Christ whose thought processes, character and lifestyles reflect those of our Lord, and who are dedicated to disciple-making throughout the world. In this age of revolution, we have been called by God to recapture the spiritual and intellectual heritage of our faith. Talbot is looking for students who are committed to becoming the kind of leader who will follow Christ all the way to the foot of the cross. At Talbot, you will be asked to commit to the preparation it takes to effectively carry forward the cause of Christ. This includes gaining a masterful understanding of God and His Word, developing a Christ-like character, and learning how to relate the truths of the Gospel to the world you see to impact. If this is your vision as well, we invite you to take a closer look at what Talbot has to offer.
  7. What does the Talbot community feel like?

    Opportunities for fellowship, dialogue and worship are vital parts of the total educational process. At Talbot, you will benefit from the life-long friendships you will establish with your fellow students, faculty and staff. From worshipping in Talbot's weekly chapel to participating in the school's year-long fellowship groups, you will enjoy multiple opportunities to flesh out your faith and studies.
  8. What is unique about Talbot?

    Why should I choose Talbot over other seminaries? Talbot is committed to preparing you for solid ministry and being able to respond to the unique demands of this generation. You will be able to stand firm against movements that seek to undermine the biblical record of Jesus and his life and ministry. You will join in a movement that is transforming the ideologies and values of our day into a biblical worldview. You will be ready to make a difference with your life.

    Consider the following as a broad outline of our approach to preparing you for ministry:

    • A mission to impact the world
    • A quality faculty
    • A practical ministry approach
    • Devotion to your educational needs
    • Spiritual formation of the whole person
    • Commitment to you after you leave Talbot


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